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“Plantar Fasciitis” is a term I came to know about just recently when I developed pain on my ankle. After much asking around, I was pointed to the Laundimer House Foot Clinic where they gave me an awesome treatment regimen that got me up and running in no time!  
Mark Fraise

As a construction worker, I have to deal with some heavy lifting day in day out. It took the toll on my foot when I developed some pain as a result of plantar fasciitis and it really put me behind in my work. However my prayers were answered at Laundimer House Foot Clinic where they gave excellent treatment and therapy to get me back in shape!  
Mitchelle Saunders

My son was found with a foot problem and after countless unsuccessful efforts to have him treated, we finally landed at the Laundimer House Foot Clinic where he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. They provided excellent help and treatment and my son is now in top notch condition!  
Shane Daniels
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