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Laundimer House Foot Pain Clinic – What we are all about

At Laundimer House Foot Clinic, we know exactly how to treat our patients according to their needs. They all come to us with some sort of foot problem and we are not shy in the slightest way to help them get healthy so that they can go on with their normal life.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The most common cause of foot problems we see is the condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. This is a condition whereby the ligament at the bottom of the foot undergoes a painful inflammation process. It can grow to be quite severe if not properly tended to and thus why Laundimer House Foot Clinic exists for all.

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

At our clinic, we have highly skilled experts who will take you through the treatment process patiently and in a professional manner at all time so as to ensure you are totally comfortable in the entirety of the process. They have undergone training at the most elite institution and command a load of respect in this sector of health, therefore you can rest assured you will be in good hand. Some of the treatment processes for this condition include basic forms of therapy that can even be done at home such as applying ice on the affected part for a while each day to decrease the pain. Also a bit of a tricky way is to use night splints. These splints are used to stretch the injured part thus soothing it.

More advanced methods of bringing relief for this condition to our patients is by using micro-current treatment sessions as well as the newly introduced acoustic shock waves. Though debates about its efficiency are still underway, it has provided good results when used on our patients and some have recorded high rate of pain relief periods. The last resort for many of our patients which we still are able to provide is surgery. With our highly specialized experts, we can help a patient whose condition is unexpectedly too much to bear even with the administration of the usual treatment that we have. Oral medication is also available for our highly valued patients.

With all that in the light, you can see that at Laundimer we are ready and willing to help all our patients get back on their feet, healthy and pain free. To add to that, keep in mind that all our services are very easily affordable and not only apply to complications resulting from Plantar Fasciitis. Any complication occurring around the feet and ankles is right up our alley and we are ready and willing to help you get back in shape.

More information can be found on our website or by simply taking a visit to our facilities whenever you are free and around to do so or by calling our esteemed receptionist. Furthermore, for those especially busy individuals, you can make a booking online or via a telephone call to come talk to our team of specialists and doctors for any concerns you may be having about your feet condition.

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